• Ghatail Golf Membership

Ghatail Golf Club Membership

Memebership Rules

  • The name of any permanent, temporary, founder or Service Officer member, who remains absent for twelve calendar months after his/her name has been placed on the list of out station members on short leave; shall be transferred to the list of Absentee Members.
  • Resident members shall pay a monthly subscription at such rate as the Executive Committee may from time to time determine for permanent, temporary and service officer members.
  • Out station members shall pay a monthly subscription at a such rate to be decided by the Executive Committee and not exceeding one half of the monthly subscription for the time being of a resident member, payable within one month from the date of his/her return or immediately upon his/her name being placed on the list of Absentee Members, Ghatail.
  • Serving absentee members shall pay Tk 50/- per month as monthly subscription or as decided by the Executive Committee. One year subscription to be taken in advance in case of any absentee membership. A civil absentee member shall pay Tk 50/- per month or as decided by the Executive Committee.
  • A permanent or temporary member whose monthly subscription is not paid within six months after the same become payable, shall be at the expiry of that period ceased to be member of the club and his/her name shall be removed from the list of members accordingly. The Executive Committee may, if the default is sufficiently explained and the arrears are paid, restore the membership of such member at any time within one year from such date of default.

There will be following classes of club members:

      Permanent/Full Membership

    • Founder or Life Members.
    • Serving Service Officer Members.
    • Retired Service Officer Members.
    • National (Civilian) Members.
    • Expatriate (Non-national) Members including Diplomats.
    • Lady Members.
    • Junior Members.

      Temporary Membership

    • Out Station Service Officer.
    • Applicants for Full Membership.
    • Silent Memberships.

      Honorary Membership

    • Serving Officers `Family Membership.
    • Retired Officers` Family Membership.
    • Specially Nominated Person.

Fees/Subscriptions of GGC:

Ser. Category Registration/Membership Fee Monthly Fee
1. Serving Offrs (Capt & Below) 2,000.00 150.00
2. Serving offr (Maj & above) 2,000.00 300.00
3. Rtd Mil offr 4,000.00 400.00
4. Civ Govt Officer 5,000.00 500.00
5. Businessman and other civ 1,00,000.00 600.00
6. Corporate Member 5,00,000.00
7. Diplomats 1,50,000.00 1,200.00
8. Expatriate 1,50,000.00 1,200.00
9. Membership Transfer Fee 1,500.00 1,000.00

Become a Member

To becaome a memeber of ghtail golf club, you can Download form here,

Download Membership Form for Absentee

Download Membership Form for Govt. Officer & Retired Defence Officer

Download Membership Form for Civil Persons

Download Membership Form for Defence Service Officer