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Members of Associate Club

  • The Executive Committee may enter into any arrangement with any club (hereinafter called " Associate ") on reciprocating terms or such other terms as the Associate may think fit for the purpose of enabling members or any particular class or classes of member of the associate club to use the club, subjected to such restrictions and conditions as the Associate may think fit.
  • The Executive Committee can make by-laws from time to time, regulating the admission and the use of club and its amenities by members of an associate club.
  • The Executive Committee may allow any other member of an associate club to use the club facilities. Such persons shall not however be qualified to be members of any of the committees or to vote as members or to claim any share of the property of the club upon its dissolution.
  • Any person granted the privileges of members of an associate club shall be ceased from such privileges in any of the following circumstances:
    1. Upon such associate club being ceased to be an associate club for any reason.
    2. If such person is ceased or disqualified from remaining a member of an associate club for any reason.
    3. If the Executive Committee shall withdraw the privilege of admission into the Club (the Executive Committee not being required to assign any reason).
    4. The associate club and its members concerned shall be jointly liable to the club for all the bills which may be due by such members.