• Ghatail Golf Club

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Founder Members

  • Maj Gen Mohammad Ishtiaq, ndc, psc
  • Brig Gen Mohammad Shamim Chowdhury, ndc, psc
  • Brig Gen Mohammad Rashid-Uz-Zaman Khan, afwc, psc
  • Col SM Faisal
  • Col Kazi Anwar-Ul-Islam, afwc, psc
  • Col GM Quamrul Islam, psc
  • Lt Col Tanvir Hasan Majumder
  • Lt Col Md Enayetul Haque, psc
  • Lt Col Md Iftekharul Haque
  • Lt Col Mesbah-Ul-Alam Chowdhury, psc
  • Lt Col Md Abdul Wohab
  • Lt Col Abdullah-Al-Azhar, psc
  • Lt Col Md Tozammel Haque.
  • Maj Shamim Ahmed Khairuzzaman
  • Maj Md Saiful Islam

Use of Club by Non Members

  • The spouse and children of any member may make use of such parts of the club as are decided to be opened for them. No separate subscription shall be paid in respect of spouse using the club under the article. Children under 12 years may be admitted to the club, subjected to the discretion of the Executive Committee. Children of members between the age of 10 to 15 may be allowed to use the club for specific purpose as decided by the Executive Committee on application by the guardian and on proof of the age of the child.
  • Any member may introduce visiting guests without payment of normal subscription for 7 days. The guest must enter his/her name in the guest book. The visiting guest is allowed to use all facilities available in the club free of cost except the course for which he/she shall have to pay the required amount of green fee, caddy charge etc.
  • Any visitor wishing to avail the club facilities for more than 7 days, may apply for temporary membership.
  • Foreign nationals may use the club facilities but prior approval must be taken from the club President/Senior Vice President.