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Ghatail Golf Club Committee

Executive Committee

President Of GGC

Chief of Army Staff

General Iqbal Karim Bhuiyan, psc
Sr Vice President
Major General Md Shafiqur Rahman, SPP, afwc, psc
VP (Admin and Fin)
Brigadier General AKM Shamsuddin, awc, psc
VP (Tournament Committee)
Brigadier General Kamrul Islam, ndc, psc
Golf Capt & Chairman Handicap Committee
Brigadier General Mohammad Omar Zahid, psc
Chairman Entertainment and Golf Promotion Committee
Colonel Md Iftekhar Ahmed, afwc, psc, lsc
Chairman (Dev Committee)
Station Commander (By Appt)
Member (Entertainment and Golf Promotion Committee)
Colonel Md Khalilur Rahman, psc
Member Secy
Lt Colonel Ahsan Aziz
Asst Member Secy
Major Md Humayun Kabir, psc
Member (Tournament Committee)
Lt Colonel Md Nurus Salam
Member(Handicap Committee)
Major Mahmud Hasan
Member (Dev Committee)
Lt Colonel SM Merazul Islam
Member (Dev Committee)
Abul Fyez, GE (Army) Ghatail

Administrative Rules

Vice President (Admin and Development)

  • Coordination of all club activities in absence of the Senior Vice President or as and when directed/delegated by the Senior Vice President.
  • Security of men and materials of the club
  • Conducting the VIPs and ceremonies.
  • Provision, care and maintenance of all fittings, fixtures modification, extension, renovation etc if club house.
  • Provision of essential Services in the club area.
  • Tournament and Captaincy.
  • Public relation.
  • Any other task assigned by the President/Senior Vice President.

Member Secretary/Secretary

  • Act as staff officer to Senior Vice President in implementing all assigned tasks.
  • Coordinate all activities of various Committees and implement them as per the direction of Senior Vice President.
  • Act as adviser to Senior Vice President on all club activities.
  • Act as golf captain in absence of golf captain.
  • Correspond directly both within and outside for all matters related to the club on behalf of the club secretariat.
  • Conduct prize distribution ceremony of all the club competitions.
  • Control the activities, administration and discipline of the club employees, caddies and ball boys.

Assistant Secretary

  • Act as assistant to Secretary.
  • Act as treasurer in the absences of treasurer.

Development Committee

  • Development, maintenance, operation, plantation and beautification of the golf link.
  • Pro-shop.
  • Golf Library.
  • Maintenance of plants/equipment.
  • Medical fitness of the club employees
  • Any other task assigned by the Vice President.

Tournament Committe

  • The club tournament committee, shall be responsible for the fixture, notification , arrangement and conduct of all kinds of competition that would be held at GGC. The committee shall also responsible for compilation, publicity and display of result of all such competitions. Details and modalities of each of these functions will be worked out by this committee.
  • Club tournament committee will prepare tournament calendar for the season, matching wherever possible the schedules of GGC to facilitate by the golfers in maximum events of the clubs. Club tournament committee may also amend schedule if it becomes necessary at any time during the golf season. However, proper notifications must be made in advance to avoid inconveniences to the golfers.
  • This committee will act as jury of appeal, but shall entertain appeal only as exception and not rule.
  • It will provide interpretation of rules to be made discreetly.
  • It will frame/amend/cancel all local rules as and when necessary.
  • Members of the committee will time their own tee off in such a way, so that, one or two of the members are always be the last to leave the club house and again one or two of them are first to return to the club house after competition. This should facilitate their control over on going event.
  • Members of the committee will arrive at the club house in time, so that first tee off is not delayed due to any kind of administrative problem.
  • During the dry season, the committee will meet every week or fortnight to assess the condition of line, particularly, Green, Tees, Bunkers, markings and cleanliness. All observations to be complied and communicated to the Vice President for necessary action.

Handicap Committee

  • Handicap Committee shall remain responsible for fixing/refitting of handicaps.
  • Handicap Committee should ensure that all handicap certificates are authenticated by the Chairman of the Tournament Committee and Golf Captain jointly.

Golf Captain

  • Golf Captain shall be a co-opted member of Executive Committee if he is not a regular member of Executive Committee. He shall thus participate in all meeting of Executive Committee unless otherwise informed/instructed.
  • He shall be responsible for monitoring the individual and collective conduct of all golfers in the link. He amy order any player(s) who has caused a serious breach of discipline. However, he shall inform the Vice President of such actions (if taken) at the earliest.
  • He shall be a Senior member of the Tournament Committee too.
  • He shall conduct the prize distribution ceremony of all club competitions in the absence of member secretary.
  • He will control the discipline of the club employees, caddies and ball boys.
  • He shall have the authority to give ruling on any isolated dispute between players.
  • He shall play with all golfers of the club to know their game well.
  • He shall monitor and advise golfers on correct dress (golf) etiquette's and discipline.
  • Assist development sub Committee in developing the link.
  • Liaison and maintain contact with the captains of other golf club, particularly KGC, BGCC, MGCC, JGCC, SGC and AGC to ensure good conduct of players at Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Jessore and Savar.
  • Ensure that golfers participating in a competition are in possession of appropriate handicap certificates. Such certificates must have due authentication preoceeding not more than a month of the date of compitition concerned.
  • He will obtain result of own players participating in competition outside in time and publicize them at GGC.
  • He shall try and maintain contact with important golf clubs of the countries of the region to facilitate exchange of information of golf promotion.
  • He shall be the captain of GGC team in all competition unless otherwise decided by the Senior Vice President.


  • Management of finance including record of income as well as expenditure, billing and collection of dues.
  • Administration of club employees including pay and allowance and maintenance of records of service.
  • Arrangement of all meeting including Annual General Meeting and any other special meeting.
  • Look after official matter, initiate all club correspondence including correspondence wite applicant members, permanent members and other club members.
  • All entertainment including club night and control of any other services.
  • All formalities concerning new applicant members.
  • Any other task assigned by the Senior Vice president/Vice president.